Greek island refugee camp too crowded to house newcomers

Greek island refugee camp too crowded to house newcomers

The officials asked not to be identified pending official announcements about the camp.

Greece has again become the busiest point of entry for migrants in the European Union, surpassing Spain and Italy, according to figures published by EU border protection agency Frontex.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees, many fleeing wars in Iraq and Syria, travelled from

Turkey to Lesbos and on to mainland Europe during 2015-16, fuelling political tensions and a humanitarian crisis.

But the number of people arriving dropped sharply after the EU reached agreements to close off Balkan borders and for Turkey to host more migrants and prevent them from embarking for Europe.


Officials from Greece’s army, coast guard, local governments and various agencies plan to meet on the island to consider emergency housing options.

Lesbos is one of five Greek islands off the Turkish coast with large camps. The movement of migrants to the Greek mainland is restricted.


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